Big Flock – Caesar Salad

For some people nothing is is harder than transparency. For artists, transparency could mean life or death for their careers. Big Flock took the risk and showed the world his soul on “Caesar Salad.”

Maryland rapper Big Flock was released from prison in late 2019. Since then, Big Flock has been committed to not only enjoying life, but inspiring others. Sometimes the best way to be an inspiration is to share your own story. That’s exactly what Big Flock did with “Caesar Salad.”

Instead of funky beats and infectious lyrics, Big Flock dressed “Caesar Salad” with heartfelt, relatable lyrics. Big Flock laid bar after bar of reality over a Juu beat. The product isn’t necessarily pretty, but “Caesar Salad” is real.

The raw reality of “Caesar Salad” may be exactly what Big Flock needs to propel himself into stardom. The rapper has already been co-signed by Wale and Rico Nasty. It seems that national notoriety for Big Flock is inevitable.

Swiezo – Piñata

Swiezo is everything, except ordinary. The artist is known for being extraordinary and his latest single “Piñata” is certainly that.

Swiezo is the DMV area’s wild child; a walking party, if you will. His festive look and creative sound set Swiezo apart from every other artist.

“Piñata” is no exception to Swiezo’s refusal to blend in. The artist known for his ability to blend styles and cross cultures reestablishes his ability to do so by mix hip hop with an urban Latino sound the resulted in a vibe.

Party anthem approved, “Piñata” features Licui. The pair are unmatched and “Piñata” very well may be a smash.

Wale’s Before I Shine

Yesterday, Wale debuted his latest mixtape Before I Shine.

The eleven track effort features the highly promoted “Black Is Gold,” a celebration of black women and all their grandeur with a throwback D’Angelo sample. The compilation also includes a recreation of a Nas classic, an Ed Sheeran remix, an Eric Bellinger song and three freestyles.

The DMV area representative addresses concerns about his mental health, his love for black women and college football through the interesting combinations of songs.

Check it out: Before I Shine

Introducing Esquire

Though an introduction to some, it’s far from an introduction to the music industry. Esquire has a list of credentials dating as far back as 2011. 

A product of the DMV area, Esquire can be defined as anything except local. He’s worked with artist from all over the United States. Despite citing Virginia native and musical genius Pharrell as an influence, the only thing he and Equire share is the fact they both have unique production styles, unlike anything else in the industry.

Esquire hasn’t limited himself to any single genre of music, lending production to everything from hip hop to dub step projects.