T-Roc – The International Party

After years in the spotlight in various capacities, Chicago based entertainer T-Roc, finally, released his debut EP, The International Party.

T-Roc has spent most of his life performing in some way from or fashion, so for him to release The International Party fans are relieved. After experimenting with a plethora of sounds and talents, T-Roc nestled quite nicely in to an EDM/Pop sound. T-Roc’s sound is indicative of his personality: high energy, positive and an all around good time.

The all around entertainer doesn’t quite tap into all of his talents for The International Party, but perhaps that’s for the best. The singer, songwriter, rapper, and dancer only delivered five tracks and to pack all of his many facets into 18 minutes likely would have overwhelmed the world.

For anyone unfamiliar with T-Roc, The International Party is the perfect project to get acquainted with. For long time fans of entertainer and philanthropist: be prepared to get reacquainted with the artist you love.

The International Party

YBC Tha NeRd-Van Gogh

Though he lives in Indiana now, YBC Tha NeRd is Chicago to his core. Despite having roots in the Windy City his music is nothing like any other artist representing the Chi.

Energetic to say the least, Young Brotha in Charge has gained notoriety for creating a sound that is definitely his own. A mash up of hip hop and EDM, YBC’s eclectic style is what sets him apart form the waves of other artists hailing from the Midwest.

His latest release “Van Gogh” is a testament to YBC’s energy and individuality.