Frank Ocean goes Blonde

It’s been an emotional roller coaster of a summer for Frank Ocean fans, with false release dates and getting their hopes up only to be let down. However all of that ended today with Blonde. The highly anticipated sophomore effort of the controversial singer ended his four year hiatus and shocked music lovers across the country.

Unlike Endless that made its debut Thursday, August 18, Blonde is not a visual album. The 17 track LP opens with the first single “Nikes,” the video for which features rapper A$AP Rocky. Currently, it is only available on Apple Music.

Check it out:

Frank Ocean- Blonde

  1. Nikes
  2. Ivy
  3. Pink + White
  4. Be Yourself 
  5. Solo
  6. Skyline To
  7. Self Control 
  8. Good Guy
  9. Nights
  10. Solo (Reprise)
  11. Pretty Sweet
  12. Facebook Story
  13. Close to You
  14. White Ferrari
  15. Siegfried 
  16. Godspeed
  17. Futura Free