Hunnid – Like That

If nothing else, in 2018 fans learned that Hunnid could not be stopped. His work ethic had never before been questioned, but after the untimely passing of his cousin and fellow hip hop artist Streetz, it appears that Hunnid has only gone harder. Most recently, Hunnid released the visual for “Like That” featuring Streetz and C.C.G. comrade MAG.

A testament to Hunnid’s strength and Streetz’ talent, “Like That” is an ode to posers. The song makes it undoubtedly clear to anyone claiming a lifestyle that they aren’t actually living that the world can see the truth.

Hunnid, Streetz, and MAG form a three headed monster, living fans to want for nothing. A barrage of punchlines delivered in three unique flows reiterates that the artists could inevitably stand alone, but together they are unstoppable. “Like That” is nearly six minutes of a verbal assailing that no artist or non-creative would want to be on the receiving end of.

The visual debuted on Black Friday and was directed by LB Vision. The concept is simple and features Hunnid, MAG, and a number of others sitting on the large porch of an abandoned home. Clips of Streetz rapping and commingled with those of news coverage of his tragic death earlier this year.


Hunnid is on Lake Shore Drive

Probably the most versatile city in the world, Chicago can be the coldest place on earth or paradise. Hunnid captures that unforgivingly in his latest visual “Lake Shore Drive.”

Lake Shore Drive is undisputedly the most recognizable stretch of roadway in the city for all that it has to offer. From the Southside to the Northside, iconic views of the skyline and beaches that are world famous still serve as crime scenes in the eyes of many citizens. Hunnid captures that sentiment the way only he can. “Somewhere between Bump J, Common, and Chief Keef” is how Hunnid described himself on “Lake Shore Drive,” but also a very accurate depiction of what the city has to offer.

Hunnid’s remix to BlocBoy JB and Drake’s hit “Look Alive,” “Lake Shore Drive” combines lyrics depicting the harsh reality of being from a Chicago hood with breathtaking views of downtown.

Overwhelming CCGmix

Over the weekend Chicago-based lyricist Hunnid debuted his first video of 2018, “Overwhelming CCGmix.”

The CCGmix, is Hunnid’s very own remix to Matt OX 2017 viral hit “Overwhelming.” Though he hails from the Windy City and the songs originator is from Philadelphia, Hunnid chose to use New York for his backdrop. It appears his fans could not careless where to video was filmed, as it has been viewed more than 5,400 times since it made its debut on Friday.

Hunnid x M.A.G. – So Many

Hunnid and M.A.G. are some combination. Quite possibly the Puffy and Mase of the Midwest, the two CCG representatives certainly put on for their fans every time they link up and their latest release “So Many” is no different.

Just under three and a half minutes long, “So Many” is a good time for your ears. “So Many” is a fun and uptempo track and the visual follows suit. Filmed in Chicago, “So Many” features a party on wheels, a performance scene and fun in the street the only way Hunnid and M.A.G. could have.

New Music from Hunnid

Though he’s been relatively quiet in recent months, yesterday, Chicago based lyricist Hunnid made a lot of noise. Hunnid debuted he latest mixtape Love V.S. Lust and his latest single “Stephen Curry”.

Love V.S. Lust is an eleven track mixtape is all for the ladies. Love songs paired with bedroom bangers show yet another facet of the artist as he tackles the topic of relationships and all their glory (or lack thereof). The emcee recruited RnB singer D Nellz, fellow CCG lyrisict MAG and a host of other artists for this project.

Few artists besides Hunnid could expected to release a single in the wake of the Golden State Warriors’s victory of the Cleveland Caveliers that’s almost as memorable as the win. The former collegiate basketball player debuted “Stephen Curry” last night after Golden State took down Cleveland to become the 2017 NBA Champions. Certainly, the same Hunnid fans have come to know and love, “Stephen Curry” is a trap conscious track with sports, fire arm and drug references.

Love V.S. Lust:

Stephen Curry:

Hunnid Brings Pandamonium

Photo Credit: Danny Tirmizi

Panda is arguably the biggest hip hop record of 2016 and Hunnid’s rendition, affectionately refered to as the CCGmix just gave it new life. 

PANDAmonium was produced by Chino and opens and closes with clips from Kanye West’s infamous “Sway in the Morning” rant. Despite, the credits to Sway and Kanye West, Hunnid is the only one contributing actual lyrics to the remix. Far from disappointing, Hunnid delivers a barrage of punchlines in just more than four minutes, restablishing that he is an artist on the rise.

PANDAmonium is expected to appear on his upcoming mixtape M.O.M.M.5 slated for release this year. The Chicago-based MC took to social media to announce that the visual is coming soon.