Twista Presents Black Friday with Sunny Woodz and Friends

Last night, Sunny Woodz made history when he shut down Cairo Ale House headlining his very first showcase.

It is an undisputed fact that no one can bring artists together like Sunny Woodz. Last night, he reminded Chicago of that connecting artists and fans alike at his well-planned and flawlessly executed showcase.

“Twista Presents Black Friday with Sunny Woodz and Friends” was a movie. Divided into three sets, complete with different vibes, the show case had something for everyone. ShaneikaSpeaks hosted the first segment, which was hosted by DJ MightDoSumn. Messiah, FlossMobChase and Murph Watkins were among the performers creating the energy that got things in motion. The second set was a trip around the city piloted by Yo Carlie, with DJ TRell providing the sounds. Jae Haze, Weasel Sims, and Clark Airlines were just of the few of the artists along for the ride. The final set of the show was both hosted and dj’d but Sunny Woodz himself. The anti-socialite saved the best for last, as his line up included Illi, Stunt Taylor, and Lucci Vee.

Sunny Woodz literally shut down Cairo Ale House, with performances up until the very moment they closed. He closed the show performing alongside one of his favorites, Chimeka.

Chicago couldn’t have asked for a better show. Sunny Woodz blurred the lines between artists and fans, allowing those who are all too often on stage a chance to be a part of the audience and cheer on a few of their favorite hometown acts.

The Boy Illinois’ 90/94 Freestyle

The Boy Illinois is a busy bee these days. The lyricist is preparing to headline his first show since the debut of his latest effort Windy, he just announced that he’ll be performing with Jay Electronica on February 1 and yesterday he premiered his latest visual, “90/94 Freestyle.”

Yet another reminder that Illi is never too busy to represent the city he calls home “90/94 Freestyle” was filmed, in part, in a car on the expressway. The joint effort with fellow Chicagoan YP (aka Backwood Jones) feels a lot like theme music.

The Boy Illinois is Dancing Like Diddy

What’s a better way to celebrate signing a record deal and celebrate a hip hop mogul, than cutting a step? According to The Boy Illinois, there isn’t a better way. Today the Chicago native debuted his newest visual “Dancing Like Diddy.”

Filmed in hometown and just as much fun as the song, “Dancing Like Diddy” was directed by Jay Mavas. The visual includes blue skies, Illi literally dancing in the street and performance scenes straight out of a 90’s Bad Boy artist’s video.

“Dancing Like Diddy” is The Boy Illinois’s first release since anouncing he signed with Priority Records one month ago.

New Music from The Boy Illinois

Busy is an understatement when it comes to The Boy Illnois. The lyricist is back on the road with fellow Chicagoan Lupe Fiasco and announced that he will release new music every week. So far so good today, Illi reflected on his latest release “Memories”.

The lyrical stroll down memory lane was produced by Cartier Jones and quite possibly has the dopest cover art ever. Two minutes and 21 seconds of what life was like before tours with Lupe and scores of fans. 

Listen now: