Meet Ceez

When lyricism meets intellect, the possibilities are endless, just ask Ceez. The collegiate athlete turned rapper is sharing his talent with the world and reaping the benefits of it.

Previously know for his skills on the basketball court, after debuting his first two visuals “Smoke” and “Preach,” Ceez is gaining recognition for his skills in the both. The Indianapolis based rapper started sprouting musical roots when he was eleven, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2018 that really began taking his talent seriously.

With a determination to stay true to his lyrics, Ceez delivers a level a positivity that’s often absent form hip hop. Ceez’s music is a breath of fresh air in a hip hop climate inundated with gimmicks and hood tales that the artists have never lived.

Real rap is an accurate description of Ceez’s style. Molded by the gangster rappers of the 90s and inspired by the lyrical artists of this era, Ceez brings a sound that’s original and true.

Ridley Victoria – Tragic

Yesterday, Ridley Victoria debuted her highly anticipated new single “Tragic.”

Featuring Gritty and produced by EA Suavee, “Tragic” is Ridley Victoria’s declaration the money is the only motivation. For anyone who needs a jumpstart in the morning, feel free to thank the Indianapolis based beauty, because “Tragic” is theme music for anyone who is getting to the money.

Ridley Victoria Calls Checkmate

Ridley Victoria is everything, but the girl next door. The multitalented performer discovered her musical roots at the tender aged of four and has been making a name for herself ever since.

Singing, songwriting, rapping, acting and modeling, the Indianapolis based beauty has done it all and she shows no signs of slowing down. Still riding the wave from the June release of her first full length album, Ridley Victoria is back with her latest release, “Checkmate.”

Just more than three minutes long “Checkmate” is Ridley Victoria’s proclamation of royalty. A joint effort by Ridley Victoria, Double A and Diop, “Checkmate” was produced by James Otha and is on SoundCloud now.