Rudeboi Moneybagz Wants It All or Nothing

For an artist, there are very few ways to celebrate your birthday better than debuting new music. Just ask Rudeboi Moneybagz. Following a highly successful listening party and his birthday, he gave the world All or Nothing.

All or Nothing can safely be described as versatile street music. Regardless of if you’re rapping, trapping, or working a nine to five, All or Nothing has something you can appreciate. The 16 track effort leaves nothing to be desired.

Rudeboi Moneybagz put his talent in the spotlight, but not without the assistance of some equally talented friends. JmoefrmdaBAM, Mack, and Baddie C are among those who lent lyrics to All or Nothing.

Over the weekend, Rudeboi Moneybagz stepped his game up even further premiering the visual for his latest single “Pressure” featuring Kd Young Cocky.

All or Nothing

JmoefrmdaBAM’s Yeezy Project

For years JmoefrmdaBAM has not only influenced his fans, but served as a representation of them as well. That mix of influence and representation, in combination with undeniable talent culminate on JmoefromdaBAM’s new album Yeezy Project.

Yeezy Project is 12 tracks of JmoefrmdaBAM’s best work. Versatile subject matter, creative flows, and clean production make Yeezy Project an easy listen.

In just less than 40 minutes JmoefrmdaBAM takes fans on journey. An emotional roller coaster to say the least, if Yeezy Project does nothing else it will make listeners feel.

Though he certainly could have done it alone, JmoefrmdaBAM recruited a few friends to help navigate Yeezy Project. D. Brooks Exclusive has a feature, as well as production credits. Kd Young Cocky and Stoney are also among the featured.

JmoefrmdaBAM-Yeezy Project

JmoefrmdaBAM – You See What’s Goin On

If nothing else, JmoefrmdaBAM has been working and his latest release You See What’s Goin On is evidence.

Nearly an hour of new music from the Early Gang representative, You See What’s Goin On is a combination of original music and JmoefrmdaBAM’s take on a current radio hit. The mixtape kept fans on pins and needles until it’s December 9, it was undoubtedly worth the wait.

While You See What’s Goin On is a solo effort from JmoefrmdaBam he did recruit a few friends to make a good thing great. King Bone, KD Young Cocky and Nino contributed lyrics to the mixtape. Production credits belong to Teezy Too Dope, D Brooks Exclusive and Chop Squad among others.

Though fans had to exercise patience until the mixtape made its debut, JmoefrmdaBAM made the wait worth it, also premiering the visual for his latest single “Hit The Gas.”

Listen to You See What’s Goin On:

Watch “Hit The Gas”:

Young King x JmoefrmdaBAM – The Fence

It may be cold outside, but Young King and JmoefrmdaBAM have some heat. Last week the two teamed up to debut their single “The Fence.”

Just shy of three minutes long, “The Fence” was produced by E.J. Watson. Everything to be expected from these up and comers “The Fence” couldn’t have come at a better time. While Young King’s project 8-0 has been out for nearly three months, “The Fence” will remind fans that he is certainly still working,’while giving JmoefrmdaBAM fans a preview of what to expect from his project You See What’s Goin On scheduled for release this Saturday.

Young King’s 8-0 EP

Icy Lifestyle rapper Young King started September off right debuting his 8-0 EP.

Riding the wave created by the lead single “Let It Go!” Young King offered 11 tracks of his signature style. The project was hosted by Lino Man Tha G and features production from him as well. JmoefrmdaBAM and Swish Lamar also lent lyrical talents to the the effort.

Young King, who credits his career to the motivation of his DT Gang and Icy Lifestyle counterparts, has only been rapping for five years. However, in that time he has created a sound all his own.

Check it out:

JmoefromdaBAM – Xo Early Gang

If you don’t know JmoefrmdaBAM, it’s questionable if you’ve actually been paying attention to music in Chicago. For years JmoefrmdaBAM has been a staple when it comes to turn up music in the city and the hits just keep coming. Today, Jmoe premiered the visual for “Xo Early Gang.”

Just longer than two and a half minutes the video was filmed by LakeShoreHy and stars Jmoe, a car and a blunt. Simple in concept, it may be, but it certainly gets the job done.

Check it out: