Keenan Davis Gave the Crew an Interlude

Keenan Davis’s latest release is the definition of smooth. “Crew’s Interlude” is two minutes of melodies and lyrics that’s worth a listen.

There’s no polite way to suggest that someone should love the crew, but the Southside representative made the less than appealing proposition so listener friendly, it wouldn’t be surprising if the request was obliged. The 27 year old performer certainly put his versatility on display with “Crew’s Interlude” and he definitely did not disappoint.

Keenan Davis Let’s You Know

Though, he’s calling L.A. home these days Keenan Davis got his start in Chicago. With unparalleled creativity, Davis took his talents to California, so he could deliver “You Should Know”. 

Every Sunday since October 16th, Davis has released a song from his upcoming project PreRiot and “You Should Know” is the latest. A love song in it truest form, “You Should Know” is Davis’s proclamation of love and his new found appreciation for all things romantic. 

Listen to it now: