Roll With Khalfani & Gem Tree

The last thing anyone should want to do in Chicago is drive. After more than three feet of snow fell over the last three weeks and windchills consistently in the single digits Chicagoans should want to stay indoors. Alas, Khalfani has made it impossible to want to stay home. His new single “Roll With Me” sounds like car rides at sunset through a city where some people’s cars are still buried in the snow.

Every native Chicagoan knows riding down Lake Shore Drive any time between sunset and dawn is either inexpensive therapy or the best cheap date ever. Khalfani teamed up with Gem Stone to provide a soundtrack for that ride regardless of what the purpose is. “Roll With Me” is by far the smoothest vibe to come out of the city in quite some time.

“Roll With Me” is a testament to Khalfani’s versatility and a reminder that true lyricism knows no limits. A staple in Chicago’s hip hop culture, Khalfani proves that talent knows no genre by immersing fans in a sea of soul. “Roll With Me” is a collaborative effort of musical genius between Khalfani, producer Lord Haiti, Gem Tree, and guitarist Jacob Grow.

“Roll With Me” is just beginning. Though the song leaves nothing to be desired, it’s only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what to expect from Khalfani in 2021. While awaiting the barrage of music Khalfani plans to hit fans with this year stream “Roll With Me” now.

Khalfani is Krushing It

Nearly a week after celebrating his 26th birthday, the rapper released Krush. 

The nine track effort is a combination of songs released up to a year ago as well as some music fans have yet to hear. Lending more than lyricism to this project, Khalfani also produced seven of the tracks. 

Though, Khalfani is rapping, Krush can hardly be defined as one genre. Infusions of Jazz and Soul give Krush a level of versatility and creativity that could only come from the Chicagoan.

Listen to Krush on SoundCloud:

Catching Up with Khalfani

For anyone who may have doubted it, Khalfani proved to the world that he’s working by release two singles last week: “Invisible” and “2 Liters.” Despite both tracks being laid back, ideal for summer night rides on Lake Shore Drive, there’s no shortage of creativity here.

“Invisible,” an ode to creating and celebrating one’s own success despite naysayers has an almost blues-like sound that makes the track easy to get lost in. “2 Liters” is a kickback anthem. The song has an infectious melody and describes what it’s like to hang out with Khalfani for an evening.

Listen to both songs below: