Chimeka Celebrates Champagne Showers

If there’s an artist in Chicago working harder than Chimeka please point them out. The multitalented artist just released her latest visual, “Champagne Showers,” and it could not be better.

Subtitles, firearms and lots of money would be a very accurate description of the Harvey native’s latest. Direction of the mini movie was a joint effort between the unicorn herself and Stripmall, which just goes to show Chimeka really can do it all.

Speaking of doing it all, earlier this week Chimeka held a private interactive viewing experience called “Pizza and Movie.” The creative experience, which of course was a hit, just goes to show hard work, talent and creativity are all you really need to put your city on the map.

New Music from KD Young Cocky

KD Young Cocky’s latest singles are complete opposites. “Lifestyle”, a slow jam produced by Law Beats, is KD’s attempt at reaffirming his lady friend’s reasons for being in his life. “Walking Check” is party song produced by 808 Mafia.

Both have been successful in their own right spectrums. Released in August, “Lifestyle” has been streamed more than 18, 000 times on SoundCloud. Certainly, a song for the ladies “Lifestyle” is sure establishing KD Young Cocky’s female fan base. “Walking Check”, though only streamed 8,00o times via SoundCloud is making its mark as well. The fun up tempo track is admittedly one of his favorite songs.

Listen to both on SoundCloud: