Mari Had A Little Lamb

More than a year after its original release date, Mari Had A Little Lamb finally made it’s way into the world. At 4:20am on April 20, Don Parious delivered.

Don Parious was adamant about putting out the best that he had to offer in regards to Mari Had A Little Lamb. Despite a bit of impatience, it was worth the wait.

Mari Had A Little Lamb is just under 30 minutes of smoker’s vibes. Each of the nine tracks gives the world a peak in the life of a stoner of different aspects.

A compilation of creative flows over relaxing beats, Mari Had A Little Lamb is a sound indicative of Don Parious’s personality. Though the music relates so closely to who the artist is, Don Parious did not do it on his own. Mari Had A Little Lamb features Gritz and Neli Chanel among others.

Don Parious – I’m Just Saying

In anticipation of the release of his debut album Mari Had A Little Lamb, on Valentine’s Day Don Parious premiered his first single, “I’m Just Saying.”

Choosing a lead single for an artist’s first album can be stressful, but it seems as though Don Parious has the formula. “I’m Just Saying” an adequate representation of the rapper’s “lyrical and soulful sound,” it has a catchy hook, and it’s easy to listen to. What more could fans ask for?

Fans could ask for a dope visual to accompany such a single, but Don Parious has that covered as well. The “I’m Just Saying” visual also debuted Thursday. Co-starring the gorgeous Allegra Dayo as Don Parious ‘s companion, “I’m Just Saying” chronicles the couple exploring Chicago while sharing their lives.

While Mari Had A Little Lamb isn’t expected until late March, hopefully “I’m Just Saying” will be enough to hold fans over for a while.