The Messiah Commemorates Mo Mo

After an unexpected split with some long time business partners, The Messiah is back to work. Yesterday, he debuted his new mixtape Mo Mo.

The Messiah’s first project of 2019, Mo Mo is a project close to the rapper’s heart. Mo Mo was named for and dedicated to The Messiah’s childhood friend, Paris Momoh who unexpectedly passed away in October. The 14 track effort not only dons Paris’s nickname Mo Mo, but the cover art is one of The Messiah’s favorite pictures of his friend.

Just more than 40 minutes long, Mo Mo may be The Messiah’s best body of work yet. Mo Mo is split evenly between tracks where Siah puts his own lyrical talent center stage and tracks where he reminds fans that he can hold his own alongside some of the cities most notable artists on the rise. The up and comer shares tracks with Mikey Dollaz, Lil Keisha, and Top Shatta among others.

Mo Mo is available exclusively on The Messiah’s brand new SoundCloud page:

Mikey Dollaz Is Really Da Plug

Before the ball dropped, Mikey Dollaz dropped I’m Really Da Plug. 

I’m Really Da Plug consists of 12 tracks and relatively unknown producers.The Chicago native made a true to title solo project recruiting one other artist, Queen Key.

Mikey Dollaz let the world know he has whatever they may be looking for with I’m Really Da Plug. Street music and party anthems hosted by DJ Flash McFly and self proclaimed “Chicago’s favorite nerd” YDot GDot, I’m Really Da Plug, is an adequate representation of one side of Chicago’s music scene. 

Check it out: I’m Really Da Plug