Meet Shannon Sionna

With everything that’s going on in the world every now and then you need a soothing voice to help you escape it all. For anyone in search of such a voice; search no more, Shannon Sionna has arrived.

Shannon Sionna is a Texas native with a unique sound. The neo soul songstress has been making her mark performing all across her home state. Though her sound is her own, Shannon Sionna’s influence’s have inspired the masses: Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, and the Queen of Tejano Music and fellow Texan Selena.

Shannon Sionna’s mellow sound and knack for storytelling have made her a fan favorite. Her 2019 single “Balance” is proof that the singer may be exactly what music needs right now. Though her sound is best described as neo soul, Shannon Sionna is not to be limited. The artist and trained thespian flexes her vocal abilities on her latest release “For The Streets,” a joint effort with fellow Texan “King Savage.”

Get in tune with Shannon Sionna.

Ravyn Lenae Debuts Crush

It may be a wintery mess in Ravyn Lenae’s hometown, but her latest release is hot. The Chicago native’s Crush EP debuted just in time to be the soundtrack for the citywide snow day.

Inches upon inches covered the Greater Chicagoland area, but Ravyn Lenae kept fans warm with funky rhythms and soulful vocals, they way only she could. Crush is five tracks of the singer/songwriter’s best work yet. 17 minutes of neo-soul from a 19 year old who is years ahead of her time.

After the super fantastic 2017 Ravyn Lenae had, Crush is the perfect way to kick off 2018. Listen to Crush now.

Derrick Donaldson Doesn’t Want To Dance

According to Derrick Donaldson’s Facebook biography he’s a husband, musician, songwriter, producer, Jesus’s homeboy and a lover of burgers. While that covers a lot, it doesn’t mention the fact that he one of Chicago’s up and coming neo-soul artists and he’s got a sound all his own.

In a time where it seems hip hop and RnB is ruling the city, Chicago based musician Derrick Donaldson is certainly standing out in the crowd. His debut single “I Don’t Wanna Dance” is evident of not only is individuality, but his talent as well.

Listen to I Don’t Wanna Dance now.

Maroon 5 & Sza Do What Lovers Do

If you’ve listened to pop music at any point since 2002 then you’re familiar with Maroon 5. Today, the Grammy award winning band debuted their latest single “What Lovers Do” and introduced themselves to a whole new audience.

Funky and fun “What Lovers Do” feels like summer time and features the newest Neo-Soul rising star Sza. While it doesn’t do much to display the big haired beauty’s vocal talent, “What Lovers Do” is sure to do something for her fan-based. Being paired with heartthrob Adam Levine in front of one of pop music’s most identifiable bands is what instant superstardom is made of.

Check it out:

Meet Brae Leni

With a sound best described as a fusion of neo soul, hip hop and r’n’b, Brae Leni is looking to put Little Rock on the map.The Arkansas native has been performing since age five. Holding places in both his church and school choirs, Brad Leni knew music was his calling.

Two mixtapes and two EPs later the multitalented singer, lyricist and producer wants the world to know what he misses. His current single  “Miss That” explores all the little things he misses about a relationship gone wrong.  

Watch the video below and for more music from Brae Leni, check out his SoundCloud.

Do You Got Wifi?

Photo via Twitter

Today, D.R.A.M. claimed the internet with his highly anticipated new single “Wifi”. Lyrically relative, vocally astounding and featuring the one and only, it is safe to safe “Wifi” is a hit. 

Fans took to the internet expressing their approval for D.R.A.M.’s vocal talents on the sexy duet with the incomparable Erykah Badu. Garaunteed to be the soundtrack for somebody’s next hook up “Wifi” is the tale of when chilling takes a turn. Harmonies, puns and references to Badu’s most recent effort make the song a listen.

“Wifi” is featured on the Virginia native’s debut album to be released October 21.

Listen now: