G. Mitch has Racks in the Middle

It’s becoming apparent that no one can do a remix quite like G. Mitch. While the world is still reeling from the loss of Nipsey Hussle, the singer paid homage with his own “Racks in the Middle” freestyle.

The Chicago based singer, put an r’n’b spin on “Racks in the Middle” that anyone could appreciate. G.Mitch’s freestyle is a quick tale of having to pull one’s self up and celebratory way to live after doing so. In under two minutes G. Mitch goes from being down bad to being on a pedestal, in a come up anyone could be proud of.

He reminds fans that he’s still working and new music is on its way. However “Racks in the Middle” should hold them over for now.

Nipsey Hussle’s Famous Lies And Unpopular Truths

It looks like Nipsey Hussle’s split with Epic Records has had no impact on his success. Though not in the sense of a formal album, L.A. rapper has countinuosly released music. A handful of those previously released songs were matched with a new song and repackaged as his latest effort Famous Lies And Unpopular Truths.

Five tracks in total Famous Lies And Unpopular Truths, is a bit feature heavy. Rick Ross, Freeway and Cuzzy Capone, who makes multiple appearances, lent lyrics to the mixtape, leaving two songs for Nipsey Hussle to be the sole lyricist on. 

The themes of independence, self-preservation and trusting only the people where with with you from day one are no surprise to Nipsey Hustle fans. In fact that’s the reason his core fans exist. Listen to Famous Lies And Unpopular Truths and you’ll be a fan too. 

Stream or download it now on DatPiff: Famous Lies And Unpopular Truths

  1. Mark My Words
  2. Can’t Spell Success
  3. Fucc Em
  4. County Jail 
  5. Famous Lies And Unpopular Truths