Trell Love – Over My Head

It has been quite sometime since fans have heard from Chicago area rapper Trell Love. But never to worry, he’s back with the brand new single “Over My Head.”

Trell Love has been rather low key since the release of his 2016 EP Waiting On Forever. However after hearing his latest single “Over My Head,” it is safe to assume that Trell Love has been perfecting his craft.

Though “Over My Head” is a only one song, if it is indicative of any upcoming body of work old fans are in for a treat and new fans are on the horizon.

A solid reminder that Trell Love is in a lane of his own “Over My Head” is nothing like what’s on the radio. Produced by The Gift, “Over My Head” is just more than three and a half minutes long. Contrary to the now popular two minute tracks, “Over My Head” not only takes time to develop a storyline, but gives fans enough time to enjoy the song.

Perhaps it’s a bit ironic for Trell Love to release a song about a souring relationship while stores are filled with Valentine’s Day propaganda. Ironic or otherwise, “Over My Head” has come just in time.