Pennjamin Bannekar Celebrates Graduation

Graduation for the class of 2020 almost certainly looks nothing like anyone would have expected. Despite social distancing and stay a home orders, Pennjamin Bannekar made sure that every graduate had a song to celebrate to with “Graduation.”

Chicago based artist, Pennjamin Bannekar decides that Covid-19 shouldn’t overshadow the accomplishments of the class of 2020. “Graduation” is just under three minutes of celebration for everyone who celebrating their graduation.

“Graduation” is equipped with everything one would expect in such a celebratory song. Bannekar reminds listeners that they deserve congratulations, their hard work has paid off, this moment isn’t about the past or the future, and you need to take pictures.

At a time when so many graduates are disappointed due to cancelled, postponed, or non-traditional graduation ceremonies it’s nice to actually feel celebrated. Covid-19 has overshadowed nearly everything else going on in the world fore months, but Pennjamin Bannekar reminds fans that despite the pandemic graduation is still a milestone and everyone who graduated deserves their moment.

Pennjamin Bannekar Celebrates 1/11

Three years after, his last release Pennjamin Bannekar debuts his brand new EP befittingly entitled 1/11.

The Grand Rapids native has contributed his many musical to the projects of others during his hiatus, but fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief, now that 1/11 has arrived. It’s been a long time coming and though sure Penn is celebrating the music along with his fans, but he is celebrating his birthday as well.

1/11 is a creative compilation of eight of Pennjamin Bannekar’s best work, including the single “Alter Prayer.” Dhniera Blu, J. Hill and D2G make appearances on 1/11.

Pennjamin Bannekar’s Alter Prayer

After what seems like an eternity since the release of his last project Paper Plane Pilots, Pennjamin Bannekar has restored hope for his fans with the premier of his latest video “Alter Prayer.”

The Chicago based lyricist and songwriter teamed up with Dhniera Blu and J Hill for “Alter Prayer,” which some may say is exactly what Hip Hop needs right now. Showing yet another facet of Chicago’s music scene, Pennjamin Bannekar brings a spiritual awareness with “Alter Prayer.” An all too relatable topic for some young church-goers or supposed church-goers who seem to consistently fail to arrive to Sunday service, but Jesus knows their hearts.

“Alter Prayer” is the first single from Pennjamin Bannekar’s 1/11 EP. After a nearly three year hiatus 1/11 can’t come a moment too soon and it’s scheduled January release date only increases fans’ anticipation.