Some people find their calling at an early age, Swvsh is obviously one of them. This 18 year old producer is on the rise.

Swvsh hails from Philadelphia and his name is one that everyone is going to want to know. In the last year and a half Swvsh has had some amazing placements and it looks like this is just the beginning.

With an obviously affective process and a conglomerate of producer and artists supporting him, Swvsh’s future looks bright. Swvsh has produced songs for the likes of Warhol.SS, Ksupreme, Duwap Kane, and is rumored to have an unreleased track with Chief Keef.

Cecil Blutcher Blasts Off

To celebrate the inugural anniversary of his #HIGHerEd mixtape, Cecil Blutcher debuted a new sound with his latest release “Blast Off (Remix)”.

The recreation of a track originally featured on #HIGHerEd, “Blast Off (Remix)” is a bluesy spoken-word infused track guaranteed to inspire. A genre mashup that only Cecil Blutcher could create, “Blast Off (Remix) is indicative of the artist’s intellect and talent.

Though a product of the Chicagoland area, Cecil Blutcher took his talents to Pennsylvania where he completed Penn State’s Graduate Actor Training Program less than a year ago. Putting his education to good use the rapper, actor and award winning orator displays his creativity and talent in every performance which is evident in the video for the “Blast Off” remix. 

Hear the song:

Watch the video: