7ru7h – Arcade

A West Virginia native, 7ru7h is everything but a typical artist. The 20 year old’s album Arcade, debuted nearly a week ago and it you haven’t heard it yet you’re playing.

If a sci-fi, future film had a hip hop sound track, it would be Arcade. Undoubtedly befitting for 7ru7h’s age, Arcade is a good time. Despite uptempo tracks and pinball machine sounds, there are certainly some heavier messages at play.

Outside of all the video games noises and creatively themed skits, the kid is talented. 7ru7h successfully employs a variety of flows over seven interesting beats to create a ten track album worth a listen.


BoDi Deeder Has Trap Money Crack Money

Money is a necessity in this day and age and BoDi Deeder knows that well. His latest single “Trap Money Crack Money” is evidence and the visual is in line with that.

Simple in concept but heavy on effects, the “Trap Money Crack Money” video is a Clark FX original. Expensive cars, pretty women and close friends is “Trap Money Crack Money” in a nutshell. But it’s a BoDi Deeder visual so it’s certainly not that simple.

Hemi engines and strippers and a few of Chicago’s most notable artists is more like it. BoDi Deeder delivers lyrics about getting money in whatever your preferred method is, because quite frankly either you have it or you don’t. His entourage includes living legend Twista and Chicago Clout God Sunny Woodz, as well as a few of BoDi Deeder’s day ones Chase Chill and Stax Dollars.

Produced by Fatality of 80 Apes, “Trap Money Crack Money is the first single from BoDi Deeder’s upcoming EP Trap Fever.

Look at Don of Cash Over Clout

When you’ve got it people can’t help but notice. But it never hurts to remind people to check you and that’s exactly what the rapper formerly known as Don Perrion does on his latest single “Look.”

A creative collaboration between the Westside of Chicago native and an Ohio based producer by the name of Nish, “Look” is easily a summer anthem. An easy listen, “Look” is perfect for late night rides, while still maintaining the ability to inspire a turn up.

The Cash Over Clout rapper celebrates what he has and makes listeners dance with the less than three minute track. And if a positive tracks that’s likely to make you two step in the mirror or sing along on Snapchat doesn’t seem appealing check out the uber creative cover art by Leo Perez.

Medallion x Chloé – Breakin Pt. 2

Earlier this week, without warning at all Medallion and Chloé teamed up to release their latest “Breakin’ Pt. 2.”

After Medallion flexed a few creative muscles on the production side of “Breakin’ Pt. 2, it only made since that he do the same lyrically. The sequel to Chloé’s “Breakin’ Pt. 1 from the Day 28 Ep, of course it would have been incomplete without the songstress. Though Medallion and Chloé make the perfect duo on both songs the visual is what makes it all complete.

Brandon Holmes brings it all together with the creative use colorful light and shadow. Capturing and inspiring emotion, Brandon Holmes’ creativity took Medallion and Chloé’s hit to the next level.

Chimeka Celebrates Champagne Showers

If there’s an artist in Chicago working harder than Chimeka please point them out. The multitalented artist just released her latest visual, “Champagne Showers,” and it could not be better.

Subtitles, firearms and lots of money would be a very accurate description of the Harvey native’s latest. Direction of the mini movie was a joint effort between the unicorn herself and Stripmall, which just goes to show Chimeka really can do it all.

Speaking of doing it all, earlier this week Chimeka held a private interactive viewing experience called “Pizza and Movie.” The creative experience, which of course was a hit, just goes to show hard work, talent and creativity are all you really need to put your city on the map.

Queen Key Debuts EMP

For six weeks, Queen Key has had her fans up in arms as they waited for the debut of her album Eat My Pussy.

At midnight, Chicago’s own Queen Key debuted Eat My Pussy. The seven track effort is nothing short of what Keypers would expect from their queen. Eat My Pussy is 21 minutes of Queen Key’s particular brand of girl power, which she refers to as queen shit, including the single “My Way.”

Four of the seven songs feature other artist and all of them have roots in Chicago, except Cuban Doll. Dreezy, Tink and King Louie lent their talents to Eat My Pussy, making the effort complete. At least that’s what fans thought.

Queen Key sent the Keypers into a tailspin by taking to Instagram to announce that the version of Eat My Pussy released at midnight was only the beginning. The seven songs Keypers are sure to know word for word by sundown isn’t quite half of the albums. Fans have more waiting to do as Queen Key also announced she plans to release more music on June 28.

Eat My Pussy