Vibe with Runway Bella

Chicago-based beauty, Runway Bella, is more than just a pretty face. The daughter of an underground artist, music is in her blood and lyricism comes naturally. Runway Bella has been writing since she was in third grade.

Runway Bella started taking her craft seriously in 2012. The same year she gained notoriety for her song “Kick Flows” which samples the Notorious B.I.G’s “A Story To Tell”. Since then, she’s opened for fellow Chicagoan Jeremih, Kevin Gates and hip hop legends Salt n Pepa.

Now the lovely lyricist is stepping into the spotlight with her latest effort “Vibezz”. Produced by Novacane and written in Runway Bella’s signature storytelling style “Vibezz” is her attempt to support anyone who’s going through something. She said, “I have brothers, cousins, peers, and childhood friends who dodge the violent turmoil everyday. We as women have to remember to comfort and inspire them. This song was my way of saying ‘I understand your plight’.” 

Check it out: