Sammie’s Expiration Date

Yesterday, RnB crooner Sammie debuted the visual for his latest single “Expiration Date.”

A product of his September release Coming of Age, “Expiration Date” is the ballad of all ballads. Not only the perfect platform to display the Miami native’s vocal capabilities, but a story lovers gone wrong know all too well.

Despite Sammie hailing from the Sunshine State, the video was filmed in the Windy City and co-stars up and coming singer and Chicago native A:M. The combination of the city’s iconic land marks, the snow Chicagoans know all too well and the heart wrenching lyrics came together flawlessly to remind the world why Sammie is still relevant.

Sammie is Coming of Age.

After falling head over heels over R’n’B heartthrob Sammie 18 years ago, fans fell in love all over again in 2006 when he reemerged. Fast forward 10 years to an EP that didn’t gain the recognition it deserved and now we’re here. Today, the Miami native is full grown a celebrating release of his third studio album “Coming of Age.”

Far from the preteen who stole to music scene with “I Like It,” the now 30 years old singer, still has the show stopping vocals that stole the hearts of girls all over America. A more mature sound to match his look and audience, Sammie has reinvented himself in an attempt to save R’n’B. The artist uses vulnerability to connect to his fans, opening up about relationships and his fear of failing his family.

Unlike Sammie’s last album, that had a heavy Atlanta influence, “Coming of Age” took the singer back to his Floridian roots. He teamed up with fellow 305 representative Rick Ross. The projects only other feature comes from California born singer-songwriter Eric Bellinger.

Coming of Age