Twista Makes 4/20 a Happy Day

Happy days are here or at least that’s what it looks like, since the entire stoner community is probably giggling to themselves by now in celebration of 4/20. And what better way to celebrate 4/20 than with brand new music from hip hop legend Twista.

The Chicago native debuted his new video “Happy Days,” which features up and comer Supa Bwe. Probably the most beffiting song for the day, the lyrics are an accurate statement for pot smokers everywhere, “I’ve been smoking dope for days.” 

A fun, light-heart video filled with fast cars and weed smoke, there’s even an appearance from Migos and Sunny Woodz.

Check it out:

Supa Bwe & Sunny Woodz Drop ISSA EP

 Christmas came early for rap fans in Chicago. Without warning, Supa Bwe and Sunny Woodz released ISSA EP. The four track effort is nothing less than the creative genius and insanity that fans have grown to expect and love from Supa Bwe and Sunny Woodz.

Lyricism and diverse flows are no surprise coming from Supa Bwe, but this project features flows delivered by none other than Sunny Woodz. As is there was anymore room on the multitalented DJ and producer’s resume, he added rapper. ISSA EP includes features verses from Warhol.SS and JuJu.

Listen now:

Supa Bwe’s Moon Goddess

Photo via @Footaction

It’s cold outside, but Supa Bwe has some heat. The Chicago based rapper and producer premiered his newest song less than two hours ago and “Moon Goddess” has been streamed more than 1500 times.

After creating it today, the former Hurt Everybody lyricist took to Twitter to announce the track’s release and watched the numbers roll in. The song features an iconic Bel Biv Devoe sample sure to make “Moon Goddess” a must hear.

Check it out on SoundCloud: