Illi – B4U

It has been just more than a year since Illi debuted his last project “Windy” and he has yet to stop working. Today, Illi kept that same energy and premiered his newest video “B4U.”

“B4U” is a love song the way only The Boy Illinois could create. The upbeat tune inevitably inspires a bop, but the lyrics will make you swoon.

Illi’s costar can be described as nothing other than gorgeous. The chocolate coated beauty compliments him perfectly as the two lay on white sheets.

The visual is simple, yet fun and effective. From scenes of Illi presumably shooting his shot at the coiled haired beauty to performance shots of his signature dance moves “B4U” is perfect.

The Boy Illinois’ 90/94 Freestyle

The Boy Illinois is a busy bee these days. The lyricist is preparing to headline his first show since the debut of his latest effort Windy, he just announced that he’ll be performing with Jay Electronica on February 1 and yesterday he premiered his latest visual, “90/94 Freestyle.”

Yet another reminder that Illi is never too busy to represent the city he calls home “90/94 Freestyle” was filmed, in part, in a car on the expressway. The joint effort with fellow Chicagoan YP (aka Backwood Jones) feels a lot like theme music.

Chimeka – Cool

After much anticipation and a private live experience, Chimeka delivered the first EP of a three part saga entitled Cool.

Just shy of 20 minutes long, Cool highlights the more laidback side of the Harvey native. A compilation of easy going track coving a range of topics from love and relationships to being a stoner, Cool undoubted proof that Chimeka is starting the year on the right foot.

Despite the self-proclaimed unicorn’s multiple talents, Cool still features the talents of some other well known Chicagoans. The Boy Illinois joins the beauty for a trip down memory lane on the song “90’s Love.” “Elevator Music” is a stoner anthem and joint effort between Chimeka and quite possibly the highest guy in Chicago, Sunny Woodz. Novacane and YF Beats were also sound those who lent production to the EP.

As Chimeka fans rejoice, new fans are certainly in the making behind the release of Cool. The anticipation for the rest of the trilogy has just gone through the roof.

The Boy Illinois Introduces Windy

Today, Chicago native and Priority Records recording artist The Boy Illinois premiered his latest offering Windy.

Though the rapper recently celebrated making Priority Records his musical home, Windy was released under the Born Leaders imprint. The nine track effort is just shy of half an hour long, but it’s a whole ode to the city Illi calls home.

Windy not only features some of The Boy Illinois’ best work, but some work from some other notable Chicagoans as well. Saba, YP and Rico Recklezz are among Windy’s features.

Stream Windy now:

The Boy Illinois is Dancing Like Diddy

What’s a better way to celebrate signing a record deal and celebrate a hip hop mogul, than cutting a step? According to The Boy Illinois, there isn’t a better way. Today the Chicago native debuted his newest visual “Dancing Like Diddy.”

Filmed in hometown and just as much fun as the song, “Dancing Like Diddy” was directed by Jay Mavas. The visual includes blue skies, Illi literally dancing in the street and performance scenes straight out of a 90’s Bad Boy artist’s video.

“Dancing Like Diddy” is The Boy Illinois’s first release since anouncing he signed with Priority Records one month ago.

New Music from The Boy Illinois

Busy is an understatement when it comes to The Boy Illnois. The lyricist is back on the road with fellow Chicagoan Lupe Fiasco and announced that he will release new music every week. So far so good today, Illi reflected on his latest release “Memories”.

The lyrical stroll down memory lane was produced by Cartier Jones and quite possibly has the dopest cover art ever. Two minutes and 21 seconds of what life was like before tours with Lupe and scores of fans. 

Listen now:

The Boy Illinois and Drey Skonie are Members of the “Ruling Class”

A powerful proclamation of black pride by The Boy Illinois and Drey Skonie, the visuals for “Ruling Class” were released Friday, August 5.

The final single from Illi’s 2015 project, DuSable,” the song was inspired by the 1996 Nas classic “If I Ruled the World”, which features the incomparable Lauryn Hill. A declaration of how a work ruled by Illi would include structure within black families, self-sustainability and rehabilitation in black communities, “Ruling Class” is the perfect positive message in such tumultuous times.

The video was directed by Kite! and endorsed by another Chicago native, Lupe  Fiasco.

Watch it here: