Emone Quadeem Brings Death To The Race

Tay-K’s “The Race” is a song about being on the lam, released while the artist was actually on the lam. A viral hit, that catapulted the 17 year-old fugitive into stardom, “The Race” is paced to take over the summer. However, Chicago based rapper Emone Quadeem has a message for Tay-K and all the other rappers who covered “The Race.”

Last night, EQ unveiled is own cover to “The Race,” cleverly entitled “Death To The Race” and the lyricist opens with the phrase “It’s a marathon, not a race.” Certainly, one of the truest statements in life, Emone Quadeem made a valid point over a beat that made a kid The New York Times called “a violent fugitive” famous.

“Death To The Race” is hosted by Chicago’s favorite nerd YDot GDot’and features fantastic cover art by none other than God Henry. Undoubted, he made a point, but the question here is did Emone Quadeem kill “TheRace?”

Listen now and decide: Death To The Race