Snoop Dogg-What Is This

With nearly, three decades in the music industry, Snoop Dogg has seen it all. However lately, he is not pleased with the climate of hip hop and he took to the studio to let the world know. Today, the hip hop veteran debut his new single “What Is This?” and feathers will be ruffled.

Apparently, Snoop Dogg is tired of rappers using the same flows and the Big Boss Dogg isn’t afraid to say it. He teamed up with October London over a Nottz beat for a funky disapproval of the game.

So far from the hip hop climate Snoop Dogg developed his career in, one must assume there will be music lover who charge this to Snoop being out of touch. Such a controversial song is bound to catch the attention of hip hop heads young and old, perhaps newcomers will learn a thing or two about the creativity of the gangster rap era instead of riding the current wave.

YG’s Red Friday

There’s nothing like West Coast rap and YG knows that all too well. The 26 year old released an eight track EP entitled Red Friday on Black Friday.

The Compton California native opens with “Public Service Announcement” and it is exactly what the title says. The 9 second track features a female voice announcing his upcoming project Just Re’d Up 3. The seven remaining tracks are actually songs. The sole feature is on track four “I Know”.

YG definitely represents his affiliation not only with the name of the EP, but the cover art as well.

YG – Red Friday

  1. Public Service Announcement 
  2. I’m A Thug (Pt. 2)
  3. Get Out Yo Feelin’s
  4. I Know
  5. I Be On
  6. Down B*tch
  7. I Ain’t Lyin
  8. One Time Comin’