Look at Don of Cash Over Clout

When you’ve got it people can’t help but notice. But it never hurts to remind people to check you and that’s exactly what the rapper formerly known as Don Perrion does on his latest single “Look.”

A creative collaboration between the Westside of Chicago native and an Ohio based producer by the name of Nish, “Look” is easily a summer anthem. An easy listen, “Look” is perfect for late night rides, while still maintaining the ability to inspire a turn up.

The Cash Over Clout rapper celebrates what he has and makes listeners dance with the less than three minute track. And if a positive tracks that’s likely to make you two step in the mirror or sing along on Snapchat doesn’t seem appealing check out the uber creative cover art by Leo Perez.

Stunt Taylor is Captain Hook

This is the time of year when everyone says what they’re thankful and rightfully so. However, Stunt Taylor may have more to be thankful for than anyone else. Yesterday, Chicago’s “Hook God” Stunt Taylor debuted his latest effort entitled Captain Hook.

Mr. Fe Fe On the Block has come along way from the summer anthem that solidified him as one of Chicago’s most identifiable rappers. Despite Stunt Taylor’s growth as an artist, Captain Hook is appropriately titled. The 13 track offering contains 11 of the most infectious hooks the world has ever heard and two remixes the way only Stunt Taylor could.

A party for the ears Captain Hook is 43 minutes of sheer entertainment. A creative combination of money, street life, women and energy Captain Hook is nothing less than what fans would expect.

2017 has been quite the year for the 28 year old and the release of Captain Hook is seemingly the only acceptable to celebrate it. After starting the year with felony charges The Hook God focused on documenting his hard work and strengthened relationship with God, Stunt Taylor continues to post pictures and videos of his fantastic relationship with his young son. Stunt Taylor’s legal issues have been resolved, he’s the poster child for persistence and the way he loves his son is to idolized, what is there not to be thankful for?

Listen to Captain Hook now.