Ty Money & Wheatie-Fire Then Water

Chicago area artists are going harder than ever and Ty Money and Wheatie’s new release “Fire Then Water” is evidence.

“Fire Then Money” is Chicago through and through, from production to the visual, it is all a result of homegrown dexterity. Ty Money and Wheatie take turns displaying their lyrical aptitude over a foundation laid by super producer Hearon Trackz. The visual was the birthed by none other than create genius DGainz.

Just more than three minutes of some of the city’s most notable creativity, “Fire Then Water” proves that not only are Chicagoans talented, they can collaborate successfully. It is safe to say the city’s got another one.

Wheatie-Wait Up

Weather isn’t the only thing that’s getting warmer in Chicago, the music scene is heating up, as well and Wheatie isn’t missing the wave.

Back with his latest single, “Wait Up,” Wheatie has fans gearing up for late night rides on Lake Shore Drive. The rapper teamed up with YF Beats and created some easy listening. The melodic hook and base heavy beat, create a contrast that fans are sure to appreciate.