The Boy Illinois’ 90/94 Freestyle

The Boy Illinois is a busy bee these days. The lyricist is preparing to headline his first show since the debut of his latest effort Windy, he just announced that he’ll be performing with Jay Electronica on February 1 and yesterday he premiered his latest visual, “90/94 Freestyle.”

Yet another reminder that Illi is never too busy to represent the city he calls home “90/94 Freestyle” was filmed, in part, in a car on the expressway. The joint effort with fellow Chicagoan YP (aka Backwood Jones) feels a lot like theme music.

The Boy Illinois Introduces Windy

Today, Chicago native and Priority Records recording artist The Boy Illinois premiered his latest offering Windy.

Though the rapper recently celebrated making Priority Records his musical home, Windy was released under the Born Leaders imprint. The nine track effort is just shy of half an hour long, but it’s a whole ode to the city Illi calls home.

Windy not only features some of The Boy Illinois’ best work, but some work from some other notable Chicagoans as well. Saba, YP and Rico Recklezz are among Windy’s features.

Stream Windy now: