YDot GDot – No Promoters Freestyle

YDot GDot is more than an entertainer. Among the many hats he wears, including the infamous orange hat, he’s a businessman and his “No Promoters” freestyle serves as a quick reminder.

In the age of social media it’s easy to assume if it wasn’t posted it didn’t happen. YDot GDot took a few moments out of his busy schedule to let the world know he’s made good money and good investments and he only does business with real bosses on “No Promoters.”

“No Promoters” is short and sweet, lasting less than a minute. Apparently 52 seconds was all Chicago’s favorite needed to get his point across.


YDot GDot – Why They Mad

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. YDot GDot started 2020 by earning the right to be called resilient. After the very unexpected passing of his best friend, AD, YDot is working double time and doing everything in AD’s memory; including releasing his new visual “Why They Mad.”

YDot GDot has been Chicago’s Favorite Nerd for years. As an entertainer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist YDot has undeniably made a name for himself. Despite all of his positive initiatives there are always haters, however YDot puts the world on notice that he’s aware and he knows why.

“Why They Mad” is an anthem for everyone who’s on their A-game and knows it. It has been said that you’ll never been ridiculed by someone doing more than you. With that in mind, YDot GDot is likely to have haters forever. As one of the hardest working men in Chicago, it will remain taskful to find anyone doing more than YDot and that must be why they mad.

YDot GDot Crowns Miss Universe

When he isn’t touring the country as a dj, setting the vibes for a party, or hosting the most positive events in the city, YDot GDot is doing what made him an entertainer in the first place: music. Overnight, Chicago’s favorite nerd delivered another anthem for the ladies entitled “Miss Universe.”

“Miss Universe” is a fun, uptempo, feel good track. YDot GDot joined forces with FBG Young and Josh Arce over a Malcolm Flex beat and the result sounds a lot like spring break.

In typical YDot GDot fashion “Miss Universe” is nothing like what’s on the radio. Shying from the ever popular interlude length songs currently dominating airwaves, “Miss Universe” is more than three minutes long.

DJ Frankie French – Africa

Producer and DJ Frankie French teamed up with Two Gully and YDot GDot for his latest release entitled “Africa.”

A three headed monster based in Chicago, DJ Frankie French, Two Gully and YDot GDot are quite the combination. An ode of sorts to black girls, “Africa” is just more than two minutes of fun. As if being a black woman isn’t already lit leave if up to DJ Frankie French to make theme song for them.

Listen to Africa now.

Emone Quadeem Brings Death To The Race

Tay-K’s “The Race” is a song about being on the lam, released while the artist was actually on the lam. A viral hit, that catapulted the 17 year-old fugitive into stardom, “The Race” is paced to take over the summer. However, Chicago based rapper Emone Quadeem has a message for Tay-K and all the other rappers who covered “The Race.”

Last night, EQ unveiled is own cover to “The Race,” cleverly entitled “Death To The Race” and the lyricist opens with the phrase “It’s a marathon, not a race.” Certainly, one of the truest statements in life, Emone Quadeem made a valid point over a beat that made a kid The New York Times called “a violent fugitive” famous.

“Death To The Race” is hosted by Chicago’s favorite nerd YDot GDot’and features fantastic cover art by none other than God Henry. Undoubted, he made a point, but the question here is did Emone Quadeem kill “TheRace?”

Listen now and decide: Death To The Race

Who Would’ve Knew?

Chicago’s favorite nerd has certainly been busy. Rapper turned activist, YDot GDot got back to his musical roots this week releasing the visual for his latest single “Who Would’ve Knew”.

The single spawns from his debut album It’s About Time and features another Chicago native: Cee The World. “Who Would’ve Knew” is a little more than two minutes of Dotty being grateful for his success. 

A product of Dinero Films production, the video contains snippets of some the rapper’s past appearances, performances,interviews and video shoots. 

For more music, videos and appearances follow YDot GDot on Instagram: @ydotgdot and watch “Who Would’ve Knew”


Lucci Vee-Killer Season

Lucci Vee celebrated Halloween with the release of her highly anticipated mixtape Killer Season. The Bad Girls’ Club cast member called on fellow Chicagoans Ydot Gdot and DJ Amaris to host the seven track project.

Production is exclusive to Kingz Of and the sole features comes Sasha Go Hard, another female lyricist from the Windy City. Hard core lyrics, matched with a variety of flows make Lucci Vee an artist to watch and Killer Season is a 23 minute reminder of why.

Stream or download Killer Season now:

Killer Season

  1. Intro
  2. Finessin’
  3. Everyday
  4. Who Lookin’
  5. Down 4 My Bs (feat. Sasha Go Hard)
  6. HDM
  7. Jane

It’s About Time: Ydot Gdot’s Debut Album

Overnight, Ydot Gdot delivered his highly anticipated debut album It’s About Time. The performer, DJ, activist and new father put together 11-track effort over the last three years and it was worth the wait.

A masterpiece of minimalism, Ydot shied away from tons of features a big name producers. The album gives fans more of an inside look into who YDot Gdot is as a man and an artist. The “Turn Up God” took a step back from partying to record songs like “What It Took”.

The Anti-Chiraq founder has always been known for his positivity and life of the party demeanor and that shines through on his album. Track after track, Ydot Gdot delivers the kind of music the world need. Admittly, largely experimental Dotty’s debut album features sounds never previously explored by the Chicago native. 

Self-proclaimed and proven “Chicago’s Favorite Nerd” supplied an album befitting of his clout. Nothing like the music the world expects from Chicago, but everything they should expect from Ydot Gdot. All that being said is it’s about time.

Dotty Up Next

Entertainer turned activist YDot GDot is getting back to his musical roots with the new single “Whole City Turnt”. Dotty had been focused on his Anti-Chiraq campaign, the logo for which makes several appearances in the video, butĀ he wouldn’t be YDot if he didn’t remind everyone how he made his name ring bells in the first place.

A testament to the success YDot GDot has created for himself, theĀ upbeat tune was produced by another Chicago native, D. Brooks and in typical YDot fashion infectious melody is bound to haunt you. Visuals were directed by @DirByCholly and feature appearances from Stunt Taylor and Mikey Dollaz.

Follow YDot GDot on Instagram: @YdotGdot and Twitter: @YdotTheNerd and check out the video below