MMG Presents Priorities 5

This morning Maybach Music Group debuted the fifth part to the Priorities saga. The 22-track mixtape features nearly the entire MMG roster and some of the biggest names in hip-hop and r’n’b. Though the team didn’t release an official album in 2016, this mixtape will certainly suffice.

Lyrically sound and versatile in subject matter, Priorities 5 is just as diverse as the Maybach Music team. MMG founder Rick Ross delivers money motivated lyrics and street tales on “No U-Turns” where as newcomer and California native Isa Muhammad brings the closer to Englewood on “Chemtrails & Muslim Wars Remix”. Wale and Meek Mill both lent freestyles to the project, while Chicagoan Rockie Fresh provides some positivity on “Pray 4 Me”.

Though some of the tracks were previously released, the compilation it without a doubt worth a listen or two.

Stream it on Priorties 5

  1. Whole Slab- Intro
  2. Fat Trel- Check feat. Young Dolph & Rick Ross
  3. Rick Ross- Freaky Ho feat. Juicy J, Too Short & Big K.R.I.T.
  4. Isa Muhammad- Chemtrails & Muslim Wars Remix feat. Rick Ross & Talib Kweli
  5. Wale- One Reason (Flex) feat. Eric Bellinger
  6. Wale-Heel/Face Freestyle
  7. Wale- Brightseat Road Freestyle
  8. Rockie Fresh- Keep the Peace
  9. Rockie Fresh- Still Waitin
  10. Rockie Fresh- Pray 4 Me
  11. Supa Cindy- Supa Cindy feat. Rick Ross, Scrilla & Sam Sneak
  12. Scrilla- Fork in the Pot
  13. Meek Mill- Freestyle on Flex
  14. Meek Mill- Make It Work
  15. Meek Mill- Fa Sho feat. T-Dot
  16. Rick Ross- No U-Turns
  17. Stalley- The Gospel feat. Rashad
  18. Whole Slab- SLR
  19. Isa Muhammad- Chemtrails & Muslim Wars
  20. Quise- Rock With You feat. Sam Sneak
  21. Young Breed- Never
  22. Quise- Freak feat. Whole Slab, Sam Sneak, Isa Muhammad, St. Pierre & Rockie Fresh

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