Amias Amir Doesn’t Need Practice

From Phoenix Arizona, by way of Chicago Illinois, Amias Amir is no new comer to music. Lyrically mature beyond his age, the 25 year old has been rapping for years, at one point being signed to Lupe Fiasco’s 1st and 15th imprint.

With a style best describes as real-life lryricsm, Amias Amir makes music based on everyday scenarios. A far cry from the gun toting, drug infused releases currently saturating radio play, Amias Amir makes music that every listener can relate to. 

Though no longer backed by a label Amais Amir has continued to create music and is now using his #TellAFriend iniatiative to promote his two most recent songs “Practice” and “The Interlude”.

Follow Amias Amir on Twitter: @KingAmias and check him out on SoundCloud:

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