Chris Brown Got His Fire Back

The R’n’B/Pop star has had a rocky last few years to say the very least, but despite some legal and personal woes it looks like the Chris brown who burst on the music scene in 2004 is back. His new single “New Flame” features r’n’b mega star Usher and Miami bred boss Rick Ross. The lyrics were a collaborative effort with the amazing Verse Simmons, who also penned “Love More” with Nicki Minaj, and the song is r’n’b in one of it’s truest forms. Taking a break from the current “do me baby” that seems to be ever so popular today, this could almost pass for real love song and is actually kind of sweet.

A definite step away from the ever so pop sound our beloved Breezy has perfect over the past few years, “New Flame” is awful reminiscent of a young Usher. The music veteran undeniably adds a level of vocal maturity that makes the song a hit. And what’s a love song without baseball references? A very creative effort on behalf of Rick Ross rounds out this collaboration perfectly.

Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself:

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