Ausar’s Wholetime

21 is a pivotal age. That’s the age when the traditional college student realizes the end of an era is on the horizon, that’s the age when many people star making decisions about career paths, but for Ausar it’s the age of music.

21 year old singer rapper and producer Ausar has already established that the only era that is ending for him is that of being a local artist. Having received praise from famed poet Kevin Coval and Hip Hop icon Rakim, it’s obvious that Ausar’s dream to change the world with music is well on its way to being more than just a dream.

The Chicago native draws inspiration from the likes of Common and Kanye West and by creating music utilizing the original building blocks of hip hop, he looks to follow in their footsteps. Ausar has created sound and made allies with some of Chicago’s most notable names including Femdot and Lil Dirk along the way. His single “Wholetime” is testament to that.

A collaboration with Plainro and produced by Andre Joyner “Wholetime” feels like poetry over Neo-Soul. An easy listen to day the least “Wholetime” is grounded in storytelling and rhyme schemes, remind the world that Chicago is still lyrical.

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