Gerry Pointer Jr. of BootCamp Radio presents Bedtime

After the successful release of his first quarter compilation, it only made sense for Gerry Pointer Jr. to do it again. The Chicago based media master mind released Gerry Pointer Jr. of BootCamp Radio presents Bedtime Second Quarter Mixtape.

Bedtime is a completey rnb mixtape hosted by I Am DJ Speedy and featuring some of the dopest rnb acts from the city. Bedtime is 16 tracks of some the sexiest and most soulful voices in Chicago. Bedtime opens with an introduction recorded by MicJaay. Aye’Ziz, Audrey Valentine, XR, and D Millz all contributed their talents to Bedtime and represented Chicago in the best possible way.

Bedtime serves as a reminder that Gerry Pointer Jr. does not miss a beat. The easiest way to stay in the loop is to stay in tune with Gerry Pointer Jr.


2 thoughts on “Gerry Pointer Jr. of BootCamp Radio presents Bedtime

  1. Thank You. Put a lot of thought in this project. Wanted to come different than my 1st Quarter Mixtape. I’ve been a fan of hip hop for some time now (All My Life) and wanted to give Chicago something even the older generation can enjoy. As soon as you press play We wanted to captivate the listener by mixing in the music instead of giving you track by track. Wanted to put the listener in a whole “VIBE”.
    Hope the listeners enjoy this mixtape because the artists, DJ Speedy & I enjoyed putting it together.

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