Miracle DaGod – I Ain’t Forget

Few things in life feel better than fighting and winning. There’s something very specific about the success that comes after grinding relentlessly. Despite the amazing feeling one gets from the success at times it feels impossible to forget the struggles, strife, and naysayers one has encountered on their journey, just ask Miracle DaGod. His latest single “I Ain’t Forget” is a testament to just that.

“I Ain’t Forget” is a product of Miracle DaGod’s 2021 release What They Didn’t Tell You and perhaps it just might be the most relatable song ever. Miracle DaGod teamed up with Loony Smokez to put the world on notice that everyone and everything that was adverse to his journey to success is not to be forgotten. Possibly a warning for those who weren’t as they should have been or maybe motivation for those currently struggling, either way “I Ain’t Forget” is a song the world needs.

While simple in nature the visual leaves nothing to be desired. It features video clips of performances passed, giving new fans a glimpse at where Miracle DaGod came from and giving day ones a reminder of just how long they’ve been with him. The visual progresses to show Miracle and Loony Smokez jewelry clad performing in front of expensive cars and a mural of one of hip-hops most iconic duos ever: Outkast.

Descriptions of art often do them no justice. See “I Ain’t Forget” here:

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