Currensy’s The Fo20 Massacre

4/20 wouldn’t be 4/20 without a mixtape from Currensy. The highly anticipated The Fo20 Massacre, has been headlining hip hop publications in the days leading up to its release and for good reason.

The New Orleans native’s voice dominates The Fo20 Massacre, only three of the 14 tracks have features.  In typical Currensy fashion, two of the radio’s biggest records “Skateboard P” and “I Think She Like Me” were revamped for this effort. 

The Fo20 Massacre is easy listening at his best. As the sun sets and stoners continue to celebrate, this mixtape is certain to be a soundtrack. After all, what’s a smokers’ holiday without music from the self-proclaimed “smoke champ” himself?

Listen to The Fo20 Massacre.

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