Eddie Jones is On

It’s important to reassure yourself. Eddie Jones reassured himself that he’s a star with his latest “I’m On.”

Eddie Jones is all about music. From the time he was 13 years old he knew he’d be a singer. Jones’s passion and talent have carried him and now he’s hoping his fan base will do the same.

After taking a few months away from music Eddie Jones is reinvested one his craft and more confident than ever. That’s apparent on his latest single “I’m On.”

“I’m On” is short, sweet, and to the point. Eddie Jones puts the world on notice that he is the vocal sensation he thinks he is.

The visual is simple. Just Jones with a couple of friends some pizza and some beer. Essentially, a collage of performance scenes, the “I’m On” video was filmed by Naphti Productions and directed by Jones.

T-Roc – The International Party

After years in the spotlight in various capacities, Chicago based entertainer T-Roc, finally, released his debut EP, The International Party.

T-Roc has spent most of his life performing in some way from or fashion, so for him to release The International Party fans are relieved. After experimenting with a plethora of sounds and talents, T-Roc nestled quite nicely in to an EDM/Pop sound. T-Roc’s sound is indicative of his personality: high energy, positive and an all around good time.

The all around entertainer doesn’t quite tap into all of his talents for The International Party, but perhaps that’s for the best. The singer, songwriter, rapper, and dancer only delivered five tracks and to pack all of his many facets into 18 minutes likely would have overwhelmed the world.

For anyone unfamiliar with T-Roc, The International Party is the perfect project to get acquainted with. For long time fans of entertainer and philanthropist: be prepared to get reacquainted with the artist you love.

The International Party

Kehlani Did It Again

It’s always a good day for an acoustic record and when it comes from Kehlani it’s even better. With that being said, today was a good day due to the premier of the Oakland songbird’s latest “Again.”

Acoustic and unmixed, Kehlani proves that her voice and lyrics are capable of standing on their own. Colorfully written with the imagery of Kehlani could create, “Again” is art for the ears. Though she doesn’t need it the groundwork for the track was laid by Geoffro, who is also responsible for producing “Honey.”

Listen now:

Chris Brown’s Heartbreak on a Full Moon

Years in the making, Chris Brown finally released his tenth studio album Heartbreak on a Full Moon.

It has undoubtedly been a long time coming, the 28 year old singer has been releasing singles from Heartbreak on a Full Moon for more than a year. Prior to midnight’s digital release, Chris Brown had already released enough songs to complete an album, but that pails in comparison to 45 tracks that comprise Heartbreak on a Full Moon.

The multitalented Virginia native left nothing to be desired with this album, covering every quintessential Chris Brown sound and adding some new ones. More than two and a half hours long, Chris Brown took the time to remind the world why he is Chris Brown. The feature credits for this album look more like the V.I.P list for a party and the production credits follow suit.

Chris Brown received ten platinum plaques in 2017, exclusive of Heartbreak on a Full Moon and took to social media encouraging his fans to make it debut at number one. Apparently Team Breezy is not to be doubted, as Heartbreak on a Full Moon was number one on ITunes preordered albums and as of this morning, the most downloaded album, beating out Kelly Clarkson.

Heartbreak on a Full Moon is without question Chris Brown’s best and most versatile album yet. It’s available on all media streaming platforms today and hard copies will be available Friday, November 3.

Heartbreak on a Full Moon

Jeremih & Antonique Smith – Here Comes The Sun

Chicago born singer Jeremih teamed up with Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and actress Antonique Smith for an unforgettable cover of the the Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun.”

Originally written by George Harrison and featured on the quartet’s 1969 Abbey Road album, “Here Comes The Sun” has never been more pertinent. As the world faces one natural disaster after another hearing that better days are near is certainly a message that can be appreciated.

The broadway star and her south side bred cohort introduced a whole generation to an iconic pop song with an acoustic vibe that is sure to give anyone chills. Smith’s powerhouse voice and Jeremih’s falsetto are an unforgettable combination.

Listen to Here Comes The Sun

Maroon 5 & Sza Do What Lovers Do

If you’ve listened to pop music at any point since 2002 then you’re familiar with Maroon 5. Today, the Grammy award winning band debuted their latest single “What Lovers Do” and introduced themselves to a whole new audience.

Funky and fun “What Lovers Do” feels like summer time and features the newest Neo-Soul rising star Sza. While it doesn’t do much to display the big haired beauty’s vocal talent, “What Lovers Do” is sure to do something for her fan-based. Being paired with heartthrob Adam Levine in front of one of pop music’s most identifiable bands is what instant superstardom is made of.

Check it out:

Miguel Debuts Skywalker

Yesterday Miguel took to Instagram to let fans know there wish was his command. The vocal phenom, who is rapidly approaching the second anniversary of the release of his third album premiered his latest single and video “Skywalker.”

Miguel has never been short on creativity and the fun and flashy visual for his collaboration is no different. A productive of Director X the “Skywalker” visual features weed, strobe lights, a bathtub, a police car and Miguel dressed as a matador of sorts.

The song is a joint effort with Travis Scott and frankly it just sound like a good time.

Watch the video:

Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do

Grammy winning pop star Taylor Swift stopped the world Wednesday night when she premiered “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Taylor Swift clearly builds anticipation like nobody’s business. The pop princess won a lawsuit cleared her Instagram and teased the world with a digital snake. Following Monday’s snake posts, Wednesday Swift announced her sixth studio album Reputation would debut in early November then released “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Ever catchy, however very reminiscent of Britney Spears, “Look What You Made Me Do” isn’t exactly exciting. Hopefully this isn’t an indication of what the album her fans have been anxiously waiting three years for will sound like.

Look What You Made Me Do

Chris Brown’s Got Questions

Nothing says summer quite like a dancehall song. Something about the Caribbean influence on a song makes dancing inevitable and Chris Brown knows that all too well.

Overnight the Virginia born superstar delivered his latest single “Questions”. Just more than two minutes long, “Questions” feels a whole lot like sex and sunshine. Somewhere between pop and dancehall the offering reminds the world why Chris Brown is preparing to release his ninth studio album.

Listen to Questions now.

Ike Sav – Just Friends

In anticipation of his upcoming EP, singer/songwriter Ike Sav debuted his later single "Just Friends".

The talented Chicagoan appears to have a knack for love songs and "Just Friends" is now different. The tale of failed lovers turned friends starts with and acoustic vibe that later gives way to a bass heavy rhythm moving vigorously between pop and hip hop sounds.

Listen to Just Friends and follow Ike Sav on Twitter: @IkeSav